Tuesday | 11.00-13.00 HOURS

Greener clouds and businesses: measure, compare, understand

13. Ralph Hintemann and Jens Clausen. Green Cloud? The current and future development of energy consumption by data centers, networks and end-user devices
6. Daniel Schlitt and Wolfgang Nebel. Data Center Performance Model for Evaluating Load Dependent Energy Efficiency
25. Jens Malmodin and Dag Lundén. The energy and carbon footprint of the ICT and E&M sector in Sweden 1990-2015 and beyond

Software: the driving force toward sustainability

21. Benno Schmidt. Sustainability-Knowledge about Software Parts inside Software Engineering Processes
3. Erik Jagroep, Jan Martijn Van Der Werf, Jordy Broekman, Leen Blom, Rob van Vliet and Sjaak Brinkkemper. A Resource Utilization Score for Software Energy Consumption
5. Benjamin Wagner Vom Berg, Marius Brinkmann and Jorge Marx Gómez. Conception of a Big Data platform in context of the energy industry
17. Sergio España and Sjaak Brinkkemper. Responsible software: A research agenda to help enterprises become more sustainable

Smart Homes and Cities: transforming our lifestyles

22. Dr. Maha Salman, Dr. Steve Easterbrook, Samar Sabie and Josie Abate. Sustainable and Smart: Rethinking What a Smart Home is
18. Lorraine Hudson, Gerd Kortuem, Annika Wolff and Patrina Law. Smart Cities MOOC: Teaching citizens how to co-create smart cities
19. Tina Ringenson and Mattias Höjer. Smart City Planning and Environmental Aspects? Lessons from Seven Cities

Engaging the people: smart devices and applications

15. Mine Ercan and Jens Malmodin. Life Cycle Assessment of a Smartphone
7. Daniel Pargman, Edvard Ahlsén and Cecilia Engelbert. Next generation screens: Breakthrough or suboptimisation?
24. Bente Knoll, Georg Spreitzer and Christoph Göbl. Tailor-made energy consulting for five different consumer groups