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Greener clouds and businesses: measure, compare, understand

4. Vlad Coroama and Mattias Höjer. Assessing GHG Benefits Induced by ICT Services in Practice: A Case Study and Resulting Challenges
1. Etienne-Victor Depasquale and Chris Preist. A case for the development of data standards for reporting projections of growth in the Internet’s energy consumption
9. Giuseppe Procaccianti and Aristeidis Routsis. Energy Efficiency and Power Measurements: an Industrial Survey
8. Italo Brito, Claudio De Farias, Luci Pirmez, Leonardo Ribeiro and Luiz Carmo. Encouraging Renewable Energy Consumption Through Dynamic Pricing

Software: the driving force toward sustainability

10. Maryam Al Hinai and Ruzanna Chitchyan. Engineering Requirements for Social Sustainability
26. Maria Mora-Rodriguez and Chris Preist. The role of interoperability in sustainable decisions: the case of CDP
20. Dawn Walker and Christoph Becker. Sustainability Design: Lessons from Designing A “Green Map”

Smart Homes and Cities: transforming our lifestyles

2. Seyed Amin Tabatabaei. A Data Analysis Approach for Diagnosing Malfunctioning in Domestic Space Heating
16. Bente Knoll, Petra Bußwald, Ralf Dopheide, Roswitha Hofmann, Christoph Link, Paul Pfaffenbichler and Georg Spreitzer. Multi-perspective ICT-toolkit supporting inclusive and sustainable mobility planning in rural areas
12. Anna Kramers, Josefin Wangel and Mattias Höjer. Governing the Smart Sustainable City: the case of Stockholm Royal Seaport

Engaging the people: smart devices and applications

11. Dominik Bucher, Francesca Cellina, Francesca Mangili, Martin Raubal, Roman Rudel, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli and Omar Elabed. Exploiting Fitness Apps for Sustainable Mobility – Challenges Deploying the GoEco! App
23. Åsa Svenfelt and Jorge Luis Zapico. Sustainable food systems with ICT?
14. Mahtab Sabet and Steve Easterbrook. Homeowners as Engaged Participants: Determining information needs to maximize the environmental benefit of green renovations