The theme of the 2016 conference is “Smart and Sustainable”. ICT transformational power is essential to make our society smarter and increasingly sustainable. This should embrace all levels, from individuals to cities, from public sector to all industry sectors, from business goals to environmental objectives.

Conference topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
Smart cities, homes and offices
– Intelligent energy management in buildings
– Smart grids
– Sustainability in data centers and high-performance computing
– Intelligent transportation and logistics
– Green monitoring and adaptation of software-intensive systems and services
– Green networking
– ICT-induced behavioral and societal change
– ICT-practices and lifestyles
– ICT and design
– Energy-efficient and energy-aware software engineering
– Sustainable data management
– Sustainability in business and organizations
– Software for environmental sustainable ICT
– Software for sustainable business governance
– Improved service lives of hardware products
– Material resources used in production
– Reduced hardware obsolescence
– E-waste and closed material cycles
– Incentives for more sustainable ICT
– Case studies and experience reports
– Tools supporting green decision making and development
– Challenges for an environmentally sustainable ICT industry
– Education in ICT for sustainability
– Systematic interdisciplinary efforts in ICT for sustainability